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Okamoto 003 Condoms Real Fit 10 pack


A thin condom is materialized. When you touch it and put it on, you are surprised at the thinness is only 0.03mm (by assay of Okamoto Industries Co., Ltd.) ! Better fitting feeling ! Just like bare skin !?
●New sense
Without oppressive feeling due to dome-shaped head without sperm sump of the tip of condom along with realistic shape of main body a high fitting feeling is provided.


Pigeon Feeding bottle for cleft lip and palate baby


A set of 2 exclusive nipples, 2 backflow prevention valves (each for regular size and small size), main body of bottle, hood,  cap, inner lid. Hold the feeding bottle in a way that the ventilation valve stays on top of the bottle when feeding.


Okamoto 003 Condoms Hyaluronic Acid (10 pack)


Enough moisture with water-soluble lubricant + hyaluronic acid combination jelly application!
From popular Okamoto Industries “003. zero zero three ,”  this product “hyaluronic acid plus” is launched in considerati0n of body of woman .
With gel with enough moisture, it can be used by woman of menopausal disorders and woman of a young period of rapid growth widely.
The industry giant, Okamoto Industries,  with concept of relief and safety will open up future of pleasant contraception (LOVE life).
A glucuronic acid disaccharides unit connects it with N-acetylglucosamine

Item details
●Thinness of condom 0.03 mm(measurement of Okamoto Industries)
●Rubber smell is eliminated                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ●Lubricant / Plenty of gel.
●10 pack (two more during a campaign period)
contraception care product


Sagami Original 002 Condom 12 pack


・ Made from biocompatible high polyurethane material instead of conventional rubber
・ Thinness of 0.02 millimeters is realized * (standard thinness 24 microns)
・ No smell peculiar to rubber
・ Superior thermal conductivity and convey warmth of the skin instantly.
・ Due to smooth surface, natural usability is provided.
・ Recommend for those who has an allergy to natural rubber.
・ Blister pack for each piece is easy to open. As top(the face) after opening is the side for woman, you can take it out and just put it on.