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Seki Deluxe Fingernail Clipper SS-101

  • Help Maintains Healthy Looking Nails
  • Proven quality
  • Stylist approved


  • Catcher box with which cut nail is difficult to fly away.  Gentle-touch stainless steel nail file  is attached on back of the box.
    – Cutting edge made from a special carburizing material with hardening of high hardness and skilled craftsmen of thorough blade edging for outstanding sharpness that lasts long time.


Natural Aqua Gel Cure 250ml


Home-use exfoliating with which you can remove keratin gently and which leads to optimum tension and a sense of transparency. Botanical extracts formulations such as Ginkgo biloba extract, arborescent aloe extract, rosemary extract. You only need to put it on your skin and gentle rotating massage, it remove and peel excess keratin gently without damaging your skin and support turn-over. Color-free, no preservatives. Flushing type.




Kao Megurisum Steam Warm Eye Mask Rose (14 pack)


Comfortable steam of approximately 40 degrees Celsius  surrounds eyes and it lasts about 10 minutes.
It’s like “the vapor bath” of eyes. It releases strain of one-day and gradually loosen up feelings from deep inside.